Thursday, April 9, 2009

2009 PETRONAS Malaysian Gran Prix- The greatest ever!

1. This is my 11th time (11 years) watching the Malaysian Gran Prix live at the circuit. It was good to be there again. Thanks to abah who bring the 'heat' of formula one to me.

2. My twin, Ijud and Sheiding were joined me for this year race's day. My father was at the circuit too, but i was unable to find him. Wonder where he was seated (kui kui).

3. Year 2009 bring the most excitement race ever! It was raining! Monsoon heavy rain fell down at the middle of the race. Most of F1 drivers were struggling. Giancarlo Fisichella of Force India Racing caught my eye. The driver spun off due to the slippery track.

4. Spectators were screaming and shouting. But it wasn't due to the Jenson Button who led the race, it was all about struggled F1 drivers. Many off them were unable to find the grip. I was standing all the time to 'catch' them.

5. Red flag halt my passion. Race controller stopped the race at lap 32 for safety reason. Since then, the race wasn't resumed although the condition was getting better. I found that few fans were dissatisfied by the decision.

6. A big thank you to Iman and Sheiding. 2010 will be my turn.